Students from the Northfield Daycare come to kindergarten prepared in so many ways. Not only are they academically ready for the expectations of kindergarten learning, they also have amazing tools for being a self solver and friend. They come to school with a strong foundation of the academics kindergarten teachers hope their students have been exposed to, and have a love for learning we all hope children desire at this young age. Besides academics, children at the Northfield Daycare also learn how to be a good friend and learn the skills involved in problem solving and making good choices. All in all, they seem to be confident and self aware young students. -Northfield Kindergarten TeacherĀ 

As a mother who works outside the home, my two children have been in day care since they were very young. When we moved to Northfield, I needed to find day care for my then two year old son and four year old daughter. Although the philosophy of Northfield Day Care was new to me (my children had previously been to Montessori schools), during a visit to the school, I felt comfortable with the staff and facility and was drawn to their huge single space for all ages, the provided meals, and small and consistent staff. I decided to give it a try. Both of my children have thrived at Northfield Day Care! My children (and I) love the staff and program! My daughter has since “graduated” from day care and I feel she was more than adequately prepared socially and academically for kindergarten. I have complete peace of mind when I am at work that my child is being well taken care of at Northfield Day Care. -Valerie Thomas, former parent

As is true for so many Northfield parents, my family lived too far away to help me raise my daughters, and reading books about the subject isn’t enough. I had observed the kids from Northfield Daycare play in Central Park and checking out books with their teacher at the Public Library. I spent time standing on the sidewalk looking at these preschoolers having fun and exploring dirt and branches and rocks and pushing each other on the swings, with teachers present but never interfering with the elaborate games the kids were developing happily, and independently. So, when my oldest was old enough, I made sure we were going to make Northfield Daycare part of our extended Northfield family. It was the best thing I ever did for my daughters. Teacher Sarah continues to share her wise insights with me about guiding my children to adulthood, even though they are in college and high school now. Our entire family has made friends for life at Northfield Daycare. -Angelique Dietz, former parent, former teacher, and board member

I have such vivid memories of sitting paralyzed at the top of the sled head-to-toe snow gear, too afraid to take the plunge in a sled down to the bottom. Of course my curiosity would get the best of me every time and I’d join my friends in sliding with glee. I now pass that same hill every day on my way to and from Carleton and work… it looks no bigger than a flight of stairs and I smile remembering those times when it seemed so huge! Since being that small I’ve graduated from Northfield High School and attended Carleton. I work for two of the local elementary schools running an after school program for 4th and 5th graders. I graduated in June 2008, and I will begin a full-time Americorps position as a service-learning coordinator at a k-8 public school in Minneapolis. -Lily Thiboutot